We are pleased to announce the publication of our second issue! View it here!



As we close out The Buffalo Creek Review’s first year of publication we’d like to make some changes. A literary journal should not only be a venue for poetry but also for the writers who work so hard to create it. Our future issues will be a forum for poetic discussion and a place where emerging writers are introduced to the creative writing community.

In the future, those accepted to BCR will be asked to send an author’s photo and to take part in a short, fun interview which will be used alongside their poetry!

Also, we are now accepting Poetry Book Reviews!

The Buffalo Creek Review is a quarterly online journal of poetry. We enjoy poems that exhibit powerful imagery, strong narrative voice, and freedom in form. Above all else, poems that make us think–if you can show us something new you’ve got us hooked. We are now accepting submissions and we’d love to hear from you, so head on over to the submissions page and brush up on our guidelines.