We’d like to thank our good friend and future guest editor, Samantha Drake, for lending us her talents in creating the art for our new header. Thanks for your hard work!

Keep those submissions coming, everyone! We’re loving the poetry and gearing up for our next issue!



Thanks to our readers and all who have submitted this year. We’ve really enjoyed creating our first issue and can’t wait to work on our upcoming issue this Summer! We’ve got a lot of great new projects in the works and would love to get your input. We believe listening to poetry is a very unique experience and publishing our journal online we have a wonderful opportunity to bring this experience to the web. In future issues our staff will record an audio version to be published alongside each poem.

In addition to this, we will no longer publish our issues in .pdf. Instead, poems will be published directly to the site!

Have any suggestion about ways to improve The Buffalo Creek Review? Send us an e-mail:!